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Our service team can help you with individual requests, adaptations and repairs and is also available for on-site service at your site.

A large spare parts warehouse ensures fast and reliable provisioning.

Our Service include:
  • Alteration and modification
    Throttling valves, indicator devices, limit switches, locks, special packaging, seal water connection, surface protection, spindle extensions, sprockets, etc.

  • Drive and gear assembly
    Assembly of your chosen pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drives, including test run, commissioning and documentation.

  • Manometer calibration
    The increasing number of quality management regulations also leads to increased demands on measurement and test equipment. For example, the DIN EN ISO 9000 certification requires regular calibrations. We offer calibrations of your manometers either on-site or in one of our service locations.

  • Steam trap testing

    From testing a large number of systems, we know that the failure rate of defective traps in an initial test is about 20-25%, in some cases even significantly higher. Regular tests conducted at least once a year can significantly reduce this failure rate to about 5%.

    Leaky or faulty steam traps lead to steam leakage, which not only causes further problems in the system, but also significant economic damages and can thus lead to an increase in operating cost. To prevent this, we offer steam trap testing on-site with the appropriate test equipment.

After Sales

Our after-sales service team is there to answer any questions you might have, whether about inspections or maintenance, customised system optimisation or of course requests for spare and wearing parts.

Please just directly contact our support hotline:

  • After Sales Service Tel. +49 911 9521529






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